3945N LSS RAID Controller Log

RAID Controller errors can be caused by power outages and disconnects that prevent the file system from completely writing the data to the RAID array. It can also be caused by problems with hardware, system crashes and drivers. This will result in file system being left in an inconsistent state. With the file system in this state you can see a variety of issues ie: Loss of all shares, slow data transfer and if not repaired, it could result in a loss of data.
To capture the RAID Controller Log, go to the Console Extended Tools after the system has booted to the main screen below showing its IP Address(es):…






Press CTRL-ALT-R to access the RAID Manager Menu below.


Select the 3rd option for LSI/Intel RAID SAS Controller.


Confirm your selection with “OK”.


Authorize to proceed with “Yes” to proceed. This takes several minutes.


Once the log is captured, the screen below appears.


Once completed, retrieve the output file which starts with lsi.linux.xxxx from Status>Hardware>Log Viewer inside the lv00>gz folder.