Access to the 3945N LSS webGUI is blocked

The problem occurs because some browser updates are disabling SSL v3 which is required by LSS V6 operating system on 3945N LSS Platform. Here are some suggestions for various browsers:

Safari: There are no known issues reported with Safari browser hence this is the preferred browser for LSS management. If other browsers fail, use Safari as a temporary management interface to make changes to LSS settings suggested below, or simply use Safari as your permanent management interface.

Firefox: The problem is that the Firefox upgrade v34 and higher is disabling SSL v3. Current LSS V7 versions does not have this problem as default Security protocol is set to “Automatic” (SSL v3 + TLS), but some older LSS versions 5 and 6, or updated from older may have this problem.

To fix the problem with Firefox v34 or higher, run another browser (such as Safari) and if the 3945N LSS web GUI works, please modify LSS’s Security protocol to “Automatic” (SSL v3 + TLS)” Setup-> Administrator settings->HTTPS security protocol set to “Automatic” (SSL v3 + TLS)

If you have no other browser which can access the DSS webGUI, you can modify Firefox to get access and modify Security protocol to “Automatic” (SSL v3 + TLS) in LSS.

In the Firefox URL field type:

and modify:        security.tls.version.min;1

please change the value from 1 to 0

After this modification to Firefox, you will be able to access the DSS webGUI, and make appropriate adjustments.

You may then undue the modification to Firefox

Internet Explorer: Follow the same steps for Firefox above and in IE’s Internet Option>Advance>Security select SSL v3.

Chrome: Chrome is not a supported browser for 3945N LSS V6.