Cannot access 3945N RAID Adapter from MegaRAID Storage Manager over the network

Prerequisites to Running (MegaRAID Storage Manager) MSM Remote Administration

MSM works with LSI MegaRAID RAID Controllers only. MSM is not used to manage other versions of 3945N using 3Ware or Adaptec RAID Controllers.

MSM requires ports 3071 and 5571 to be open in order to function. Follow these steps to make sure these ports are open and to configure multicasting.

1. Configure the system with a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address. Make sure there is no IP address conflict within the sub network and make sure that ports 3071 and 5571 are open and available for MSM framework communication.

2. Disable all security management and the firewall.

3. Configure multicasting. Make sure Class D multicast IP addresses are registered (at least should be registered for MSM to work); if they are not registered, create a static route using the following command:
Route add dev eth1

4. Install MSM. If MSM is already installed, restart MSM framework.