EonOne Software to initialize HA3969U

When installing HA3969U for the first time, please ensure 2 hard disks are installed in slots 1 and 2 for single controllered configurations. (Slot 1 is the top left slot).

Dual controllered configurations require disks installed in slots 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is where the raid operating system resides.

IMPORTANT: If front disks are removed, they must be returned to the exact original slots.

If you cannot find your HA3969U on the network through DHCP scanner for the “Infortrend” named controller, then use EonOne Software on a Windows PC with Windows firewall disabled.

The initial 5 minutes of boot up will generate a single beep at 2 minutes and a 2 beeps will sound at the 3 minute mark. After this time, use EonOne Software to find your NAS, then…

1. Select the language of choice.




2. Find the default IP at



3. Assign the IP address, submask and gateway of your choice.









Default IPs are for Controller A and for Controller B.

Default Login is “admin”, default password is “admin”.

Use your web browser to manage your system from the proper IP for its management port. Follow the wizard to setup your system for the first time.