FAQ: 3945N LSS Replication

Q1. Can 3945N LSS 8 Bay replicate to 3945N LSS 16 Bay remotely over WAN? Meaning smaller to larger, or larger to smaller, etc?
A1. Yes, it can. Users simply need to ensure there is sufficient free space in target 3945N LSS.

Q2. Can 3945N LSS replicate to and from 3945N WSS?
A2. No. WSS does not have replication function. Only LSS to LSS is supported.

Q3. Can 3945N LSS 10Gbit replicate to 3945N LSS 1Gbit? Meaning 10Gbit on main system to slower 1Gbit on target system?
A3. Yes it can.

Q4. Does 3945N LSS replicate Synchronously or Asynchronously?
A4. For NAS volumes, 3945N LSS replications 3945N Asynchronously for lan or wan. For iSCSI Targets, 3945N LSS replicate Synchronously over lan only.