FAQ: HA3969U Replication using Pool Mirror Function

Q1. Can HA3969U 12 Bay replicate to HA3969U 16 Bay remotely over WAN? Meaning smaller to larger, or larger to smaller, etc?
A1. Yes, it doesn’t matter from 12 bay to 16 bay or 16 bay to 12 bay. Users simply need to ensure there is sufficient free space in target HA3969U.

Q2. Can HA3969U Redundant Controllered Model replicate to HA3969U Single Controllered Model remotely over WAN? Meaning dual controller to single controller?
A2. Yes it can.

Q3. Can HA3969U 10Gbit replicate to HA3969U 1Gbit remotely over WAN? Meaning 10Gbit on main system to slower 1Gbit on target system?
A3. Yes it can.

Q4. Does HA3969U replicate Synchronously or Asynchronously?
A4. HA3969U replicates Asynchronously to accomodate lan and wan based replication. Ensure port 5100 is open for wan based replication.

For more details, please read “Setting up Pool Mirror for HA3969U Systems” document here.