HA3969U Default Password and Browser Access

Use included NASfinder Software to find the HA3969U on your network. NASfinder software is found on the supplied DVD or downloadable from here.

The NAS Finder may not locate a NAS system if its IP address is still the default value, (LAN Port 1).

If the NAS system has been (a) powered on for the first time or (b) reset to factory settings, the system will look for its IP address through DHCP (assigned automatically by the router). If it cannot locate a DHCP address for 3 minutes, it will pick the default static IP address of “” for LAN Port 1.

If the address “” has been assigned, it means you have to manually assign a valid IP address to your NAS system.

Enter the following default login account:

User name: admin
Password: admin

Additional documents included on the DVD are Quick Start GuideHardware Manual and Software Manual.