HA3969 GS Series Controller Missing

EonOne GUI Interface in HA3969 GS Series shows “Controller Missing” because the configuration file was programmed for a dual controller configuration. To rectify this, please follow the procedure below convert back to Single Controller Configuration.

1. Power off the unit

2. Removes all the drives.

3. Boot up the system, log into GUI>>>Go to top left corner (see screenshot below), click on the top left corner and it will prompt you to enter password. Enter “show1stlineevent”.


4. Now go to Settings -> System -> General -> Advanced Options, scroll to the bottom to reveal and select “Controller Reduction”, and change to Enable. Unit will prompt you, do you want to reset controller? Select Yes.

5. Wait for you unit come back online, log-in, check to see the error still there. If not, you are done. Shut down the unit again, insert all the drives back, power back up.

6. In the future, if you want to upgrade this unit to dual controller, simply install the 2nd controller, unit will automatic sync. Just ensure both controllers have the same firmware versions.