HA3969 ES Latest Firmware

For Single or Dual Controllered HA3969 FC/iSCSI/SAS Host models from 2014 onwards “without” LCD Display, latest firmware version 5.55T08 is downloadable here.

It is most important to follow the steps below in the following sequence.

Step 1: Shutdown the Controller. This merely stops I/O while providing continued web access.

Step 2: Select Yes to shutdown of controller.

Step 3: Select “No” to reset of controller.

Step 4: From Home Menu, ensure the controller status is “shutdown”.

Step 5: Unzip the file and use embedded SANWatch Management Software accessible from your web browser to access System tab>Download / Upload Update FW.

Full details are on page 117 available on the user manual included with your DVD or downloadable from here.