HA3969 Quick Install Guide (post 2014)

Step 1: RAID Creation
*Navigate to Logical Volume on the left side menu
*Select Create Logical Volume
*Follow the wizard to select drives, RAID level, and controller assignment
*Click next, confirm your settings and select OK
*Your Logical Volume and Logical Drive will now be available.
Step 2. iSCSI/FC Block Level Configuration Steps
a) Create Volumes and map Volume to Targets for iSCSI/FC block level access
*Select your logical volume on the left side menu
*Click Partitions
*Click Create Partition
*Type a name, capacity, and select the options above to create your volume.
*Click Next, confirm your settings and select OK
b) Mount Targets to Host iSCSI/FC Initiators
*Select your logical volume on the left
*Click Partitions
*Select your partition
*Click Host LUN Mapping
*Click Create
*Select “create a host LUN mapping set automatically”, or specify channel access
*Click OK
*Your partition is now mapped and ready for host connection
c) Map iSCSI Initiator on VMWare ESX to iSCSI Target
*Open vSphere, select your Host
*Navigate to Configuration – Storage Adapters
*Select your iSCSI Software Adapter and navigate to Properties.
*Navigate to Dynamic Discovery and Add the IP address of the controller channel.
*Close the iSCSI Initiator properties and rescan the host bus adapter.
*Your volume will now be available for VMFS partitioning through add storage.
d) Map iSCSI Initiator on Windows VM or Machine to iSCSI Target
*Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > iSCSI Initiator
*Type the controller channel IP address into the Quick Connect Target box and click Connect
*Navigate to the tab Volumes and Devices and click Auto-configure
*Your volume will now be available for NTFS partitioning through disk management.