HA3969U Operating System Full Install

To install 3.8.39 from a full ISO, please download 1.5GB image from here.

These additional items are needed for the full installation:

1. External USB DVDROM Drive. This is needed to burn the full image to ISO format on a bootable DVD.

2. PC Computer with available 9 pin female com port to connect the raid using the 9 pin male to 9 pin male com port found in the accessory box. If a 9 pin female com port is not available on any PC, then you’ll also need to provide a USB to male com port converter.

The process is approximately one hour per raid controller. Dual controllered models will need to follow this process twice.

As always, back up your data first. It’s highly recommended to request remote access for such installation to ensure a smooth experience. Please email support2@storageflex.com to pre-book a date and time.

Once fully installed to version 3.8.39, web browser update method can be used to further update to version 3.8.50 downloadable from here.

From version 3.8.50, you can then update to version 3.8.51 downloadable from here.