HA3969U Quick Install Guide

Step 1: Pool (RAID) Creation

Navigate to Storage | Pool


Select Create










Select Owner Controller, click Next. If available, select SSD cache drives and Spare disks.










Confirm by clicking OK


To verify the configuration – Click the Pool, Click Details button











Step 2. iSCSI/FC Block Level Configuration Steps

a) Create Volumes and map Volume to Targets for iSCSI/FC block level access, and/or Select Storage | Volume


Click Add









Type a name, capacity, and select the options above to create your volume.


(To improve performance, select Disable Continuously Available & Disable Transaction Logs. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is required for this setting.)

b) Mount Targets to Host iSCSI/FC Initiators

Select Storage | Target


Click Add








Type a name, click next




Click OK to confirm


Select the target, click Mount




Click the gear to configure permitted initiators. To permit all initiators, click OK.
A volume will now be assigned to your new target.


First, review your networking and pool assignment settings:


Note: Pool-1 is Assigned to Controller A. To connect to volumes on this pool, we must then use the IP address of controller A’a channels.


c) Map iSCSI Initiator on VMWare ESX to iSCSI Target

Open vSphere, select your Host



Navigate to Configuration – Storage Adapters


Select your iSCSI Software Adapter and navigate to Properties.












Navigate to Dynamic Discovery and Add the IP address of the controller channel.




Close the iSCSI Initiator properties and rescan the host bus adapter.
Your volume will now be available for VMFS partitioning through add storage.


d) Map iSCSI Initiator on Windows VM or Machine to iSCSI Target

Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > iSCSI Initiator
Type the controller channel IP address into the Quick Connect Target box and click Connect
Navigate to the tab Volumes and Devices and click Auto-configure
Your volume will now be available for NTFS partitioning through disk management.
Step 3. NAS Share File Level Configurations

a) Create Shares for NAS File level access

Select Folder | Share
Click Add
Type a name
Select desired access rights – access rights can be changed at a later time
Select Options – configure desired options
To improve performance, select “Disable Transaction Log”
This configuration requires an uninterrupted power source (UPS)..
b) Assign and Configure Users with or without Active Directory

Select Account | User
Click Add
Fill the form presented (username, password, etc)
Click Next
Assign shares to the newly created user via the box presented
Users may be added in mass through Active Directory and LDAP. For more information, please refer to the manual.
c) Connecting from Windows Clients

Select “This PC / Computer” in file explorer and click the button – Map Network Drive
Enter the IP / DNS name of the HA3969U channel ports and click browse.
Map the desired folder to a drive letter and click finish.