How do I capture raid controller logs from 3945N which uses Adaptec RAID Controllers?

To capture System Log from 3945N which uses Adaptec RAID Controllers, use your Adaptec Storage Manager and open Storage Manager and login with the appropriate administrator password.

To create the archive file with Adaptec Storage Manager:
1. In the Enterprise View on the left hand of the screen, click the local or remote system on  which the problem is occurring.
2. In the menu bar, select Actions, then click Save support archive.
3. Enter a name for the archive file or accept the default name, then click save.
The following files are included:
Controller 1 Config.txt (this is the configuration logfile of controller 1)
Controller 1 Logs.txt
Controller 1.xml
RaidEvtA.log (this is the error message logfile)

Email these logs to while referening the 10 digit serial number of your system found on the top cover towards the rear of your chassis.