How to capture Memory Dump from HA3969 GS Series

The memory dump includes RAID status which generates by a controller failed event. It provides useful information for failure analysis.

IMPORTANT!! Memory dump tool can only be used on Windows platform and support firmware 5.11 or later.

Memory dump tool can be used on Windows 32 or 64bit and is downloadable here. Unzip the file to access Memory Dump from Windows 32 or 64bit.exe.

Here are the steps to get memory dump:

1. Pull out failed controller for 30 sec and then re-insert it.

2. Execute memory dump tool by administrator (Mouse right click and choose Run as Administrator) . Run “Memory Dump from Windows 32 or 64bit.exe” in 32bit Windows or 64bit Windows. Ensure all Windows firewall or anti-virus software are turned off before retrieving memory dump.





3. Enter RAID management IP.

4. Enter a location which saves memory dump files.

5. PRESS “N” or “Enter” to get the coredump by default setting (Caution: If you type “y”, memory dump files will be overwritten)

6. Go to the directory in step 4 to retrieve memory dump files. It should be in the name format of coredumpdataX.*. Just compress them as a zip file.

7. Upload to any free third party ftp site such as google drive, dropbox, etc. The output file is too large to email.

8. Email or reply to your support email thread to inform Storageflex technical support team to download and analyze it.