How to update S2400SC serverboard firmware on 3945N

The latest BIOS and Firmware for S2400SC Serverboards in 3945N are the follow versions:

System BIOS – 02.06.0006
ME Firmware –
BMC Firmware – 01.28.10603

To update the firmware of your 3945N’s S2400SC serverboard, please follow these steps:

1. Download the update package for EFI from here.

2. Unzip the downloaded file in your computer, not the USB flash drive

3. Open the extracted folder

4. Copy all the content from the folder to the USB flash drive and make sure you have the startup.nsh file listed

5. Reboot the system and access EFI by pressing F6 several times during boot

6. Select EFI shell as the bootable option

7. If the startup.nsh is listed, the update will start automatically by pressing the space bar

8. Once BIOS and Firmware are updated, select “Update both the SDR and the FRU”.








9. Follow the steps in this video to update the firmware. (Adobe* Flash 7.x or Later Required)