Manage HA3969U without Web Browser

In the event Web Browser is non responsive and COM Port connection to the rear of HA3969U is not possible, you may use Putty to connect through an SSH connection over IP with port 22.

Once logged in with “admin” for login and password. To properly power down the system and protect its internal ZFS file system, enter the command SHUTDOWN.

The screen will go blank for a few minutes. Once it returns an acknowledgement, you’ll notice the management IP will not respond to PING which means the system has shutdown properly.

Other commands available include:

HELP : List Command Usage
RESET : Restore setting to default
VERSION : Display current version
MUTE : Mute the buzzer
REBOOT : Reboot the system
SHUTDOWN : Shutdown the system
SYSBACKUP : Get system information from com port. (Only for Mid NAS)
NASCLI : NAS System Management Shell
EXIT : Exit
In the event IP connection is lost or not possible, use Putty over a COM Port Connection with the supplied COM Port Cable. If a COM port is not available on your PC, use a USB to RS232 Serial DB9 Adapter Cable.

From Windows 10 for example, use the following settings in PUTTY for a serial connection.