Reset Controller on HA3969 ES

Please follow the steps below to reset the raid controller back to factory default which you can then find its IP assigned from DHCP.

1. Power off the unit, let it rest 5 minutes.

2. Insert a pin into the restore default’s hole, press and hold. Keep holding and do not release until step 4 below. It’ll take a few minutes of holding this position. (On the rear near the network ports)

3. Power on the unit by switching the PSU on, wait until the smaller default LED hole lits up (below the larger default button reset hole), then it will go off.

4. Power off the unit, then release the pin.

5. Power on the unit. Find the raid controller’s new IP through DHCP.

6. The raid sets and data remain intact. You’ll need to re-map the volumes to the appropriate host channels though.