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Raise Your Storage IQ and Lower Your Costs with Intelligent Analytics and Autonomous Operations

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The Smartest Way to Manage Data Growth and Complexity

Rapid data growth is leading to large, complex storage environments that are increasingly difficult to manage using standard infrastructure.

Tintri, the leader in Intelligent Infrastructure, provides solutions that combine autonomous operations with real-time insights and AI-driven analytics, enabling organizations to reduce storage management costs by up to 95%

Tintri VMstore: “Hands-Off” Storage Operations
Tintri VMstore: Providing Autonomous Workload Optimization
Tintri SQL Integrated Storage – Revolutionizing Storage Management 

Why choose Tintri

Tintri’s AI-enabled Intelligent Infrastructure delivers unique outcomes in enterprise data centers. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Tintri. Choose different.

Technology, design, deployment, and support all working in concert.
Deep domain expertise, with 20 years of making the unthinkable a reality.
Developed for access, sharing, and consolidation on premises or in multi-cloud.

How Are We Different?

Organizations are looking for easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions. These solutions need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage, and deliver faster insight while maximizing the value of their complex distributed data.

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure consistently meets and exceeds the needs of the demanding workloads found in most any data center today.

Countless organizations have sought to increase desktop control, deliver a consistent user experience, and reduce cost. Yet, most have struggled to make VDI a reality.

The challenge is simple: standard infrastructure is not built for virtualized environments. Tintri has years of experience in delivering VDI infrastructure that’s simpler, faster, and easier to maintain.

The reason why is also simple: we designed our systems from the start to understand the demanding requirements of VDI. While I/O bursts from boot storms and anti-virus scans can grind standard infrastructure to a halt, our Intelligent Infrastructure delivers a consistent user experience with easy administration.

Standard infrastructure must be over-provisioned to accommodate the I/O patterns of VDI, driving up both cost and complexity. With our Intelligent Infrastructure every desktop has its own I/O “lane” so there’s no resource contention or latency and you can handle virtual desktop movement with ease.

Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

We are proud of our products and we want you to know, what our cutomers feel about that.
Purpose-Built to Optimize VDI

“Tintri VMstore’s unique VM-aware architecture, the simplicity of management, and the cost-effectiveness set VMstore apart.”

– Jim Hartsook, Director of IT at Bartholomew County

Ultimate User Experience

“We haven’t received a single call or trouble ticket about slow performance on the virtual desktops since we moved to VMstore.”

– Ryan Sturm, Director of System and Application Administration, MetaBank

Slash Cost and Complexity

“On average, Tintri outperforms the alternatives at a 35% lower cost per desktop due to its perfect balancing act.”

– Dan Timko, Chief Technology Officer at Green Cloud Technologies

H-Series: NVMe-Accelerated Hybrid Systems

The IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid flash systems combine the performance of NVMe with the economics of HDDs for multi-petabyte SAN and NAS workloads. H-Series systems autonomously optimize SSD-to-HDD ratios for all workloads running in virtualized and non-virtualized environments, delivering scalable performance, simplified management and an outstanding experience for enterprise end-user file shares and AI, analytics and HPC workloads.

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